Virtual Coaching: How to make the classroom course digital

Does your organization need to offer online learning instead of classroom sessions? With over 25 years of experience in digital learning, I can help your organization:

  • Support instructors in facilitating engaging web lessons.
  • Support subject matter experts and instructors to create engaging digital self-study content.
  • Build blended learning programs in Microsoft Teams.

Examples of customers i have supported to digitize learning are Folksam, Toyota, SAAB, Hägglunds, Ericsson, SEB, H&M, Scania, Handelsbanken and others.

Instructor-led web lessons

Delivering web lessons is different than in the classroom. It is harder for the instructor to fuel engagement, get feedback from participants and also a large part of the participant “multitask” while attending the session. On top of this instructors have a new technical platform to handle.

I can help your instructors through this change into delivering engaging web lessons. I will help your instructors:

  • To transform classroom days into a series of web lessons, self-study content and assignments.
  • To adapt lectures to interactive web lessons.
  • To create interaction and activity in web lessons.
  • In how to act and facilitate web lessons.
  • Manage platforms for web lessons, equipment for audio and video.

Create engaging digital self-study content

Much of what is presented in classrooms is better learnt by employees in digital form as preparation for work tasks.

This applies especially to learning new products, systems, processes, policies or anything else that is fact-based. Most often, this knowledge can be found with subject matter experts in the business. Letting these present facts in classrooms is not an effective way to learn.

Engaging subject matter experts in developing work related learning speeds introduction of new products, systems etc. I have long experience from guiding large companies in how to engage subject matter experts in delivering learning resources. Example of the support I can give are:

  • Guidelines for deciding whether to develop information support or learning resources.
  • Develop and manage information and learning portals.
  • Train subject matter experts in basic instructional design.
  • Support your organisation with templates, instructions and coaching to ensure a basic instructional level in digital learning material.
  • Help in selecting authoring tools and efficient processes for producing content.

Build blended learning programs in Microsoft Teams

Using instructor-led web lessons or digital self-study content are obvious solutions to digitizing the classroom. Both methods solve part of the problem, the digitizing lessons themselves. However, several challenges are not solved with just web lessons or eLearning:

  • Organizing many separate lessons and activities as a learning journey.
  • Including assignments connected to work and encourage “Learning Transfer”.
  • Encourage commitment and activity so that the participants actually get through the entire course/ program.
  • Distribute activities över time so that we fight the “forgetting curve”.

With collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, you can deliver learning that is engaging, delivered close to work and in a social context. I can help you in how to:

  • Transform courses and programs into online learning journeys in Teams.
  • Create video from recording instructors and presentations.
  • Create interactions and assignments using Microsoft Forms and Microsoft standard applications.
  • Facilitate discussions and implementation of programs in Teams.
  • Evaluate and improve programs in Teams.


Does that sound interesting? Fill out the form below and we can book a web meeting where we discuss how I can support you in digitizing learning.

Author: Johan Skoglöf
Johan är visionär och senior konsult med missionen att hjälpa företag att skapa framtidens lärande organisation. Med över 25 år i branschen och kunder som Ericsson, Volvo, Scania, SEB, Handelsbanken, HM och ICA har Johan en bred erfarenhet i hur lärande organisationer skapas.

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