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An exciting autumn for those of us who work with learning

After a different and challenging spring comes a very exciting autumn with greatly better conditions for learning professionals.

I have now worked with learning and especially digital learning for over 25 years. My view is that progress has never taken such a big leap in such a short time. Perhaps you’ve read phrases like the one Satya Nadella did last spring:

“We saw 2 years of Digital Transformation in just 2 months”

Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

I maintain that the same thing has happened to learning in the last six months. Some examples:

  • Number of hours employees spend on online learning has gone up by 130%. (LinkedIn, Coursera, Cornerstone)
  • The proportion of senior managers who actively support learning has gone up from 27% to 70%. (LinkedIn)
  • 75% of companies will spend much more on digital learning, even in the long term. (LinkedIn).
  • Up-skilling and re-skilling are on everyone’s agenda. 80% of staff need to be retrained in many professions. (PwC, McKinsey).
  • Management consultants are increasingly writing about how learning is now a C-level issue and critical to the company’s survival. Management teams are listening. (Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey)
  • Microsoft invests heavily in learning. E.g. in Teams with a “learning app”, “together mode”, “breakout rooms” and more. This will drastically change the learning technology market.
  • The market for EdTech is expected to grow 2.5x by 2025. Covid-19 has accelerated the growth rate. (HolonIQ)

The above are articles and info that have come during this summer. The list can be made much longer. For me, who invests a lot in learning and development, it is good news I recommend you to also read through the links above. The articles contributed a lot to my motivation for the autumn.

I will do my best to inspire and support you with knowledge, experience and advice during the autumn. Here are some things you can expect:

More on digital learning

Starting September 2, I’m conducting the “Facilitate Web Lessons” and “Digitize Training with Teams” e-workouts (Swedish).

The two e-workouts are connected. That’s why I’ve created a combined offer. Read more …

NextMoveYour next step

In September I will release the service NextMove. It is a help for you and your team to find the next step to develop learning in your organization. I will also write articles on how best to work with strategy and to change learning in your organization.

Technology for learning

In October, I’m doing the e-workout “The New Learning Landscape”. The focus will be on how to integrate new technology into an engaging learning journey for your employee. I will also write articles about news in technology and how you can use it.


In November, I’ll get back to you with an e-workout on how to accelerate your own ability to learn. “Developing employee Learnability” is available as a company internal program.


Re-skilling – becomes a theme for articles and a webinar during the autumn. In October, I’m giving an e-workout on how to set up re-skilling initiatives.


There’s almost overwhelming a lot going on in the learning industry right now. At the same time, many of you are fighting for more mandates and resources. I will soon start a webinar series where we solve problems such as “How to create the business case for learning?”, “How to build a learning culture?”, “How to make the technology useful?”

I hope these are interesting questions for you. What´s you biggest challenge? Please comment below.

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