Category: Learning methods

10 Pieces of Advice for Engaging Web Lessons

I daily talk with customers who support instructors in delivering training online. It’s been, and is, busy making this happen. Questions have been about selecting platforms, how best to facilitate lessons and how to make use of the features of […]

Digitize learning part 3 – address the skillshift

Digitization is rapidly increasing the need for learning new skills. The World Economic Forum expects us to replace 40% of our skills over the next 5 years to remain employable. It has greatly increased the number of people taking courses […]

Digitize learning for increased competitiveness – Part 1

For a long time, the organization’s LMS was the only available IT system to support the organization’s learning. Today, an average organization uses 23 different learning tools to help in making learning digital. In a series of articles, I describe […]

Designing work for learning

With exponential technological development and higher demands on work, it is time to change how and where we learn. It is no longer efficient to spend a long time on inefficient education. Learning needs to move from the classroom to […]

Your updated LMS – much more than the course catalogue

How old is your Learning Management System? Older than 5 years? Then it may be time to look for the future. A lot has happened in recent years. Today’s cloud platforms are much easier to use and engaging for the […]