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Continuous learning part 1 – learn more from experiences

Continuous learning means that employees have the opportunity to drive their own learning. It is done constantly at work, in collaboration with others and from the constant flow of information and knowledge. Companies that excel at continuous learning are 3 […]

It’s time to move beyond digitizing courses!

Over the past six months, the digitalization of learning has taken major steps. A lot of people I’ve talked to now hope we won’t go back to the old, to the classroom. I maintain that we need to speed up […]

6 factors for building a learning organization

Digitalisation requires new skills There is a constant flow of news on the lack of key skills in workplaces. Manpower recently published a report showing that 67% of larger companies have difficulty finding the right expertise. 10 years ago, this […]

How to leverage informal learning

In my last post (“Learning is critical, L&D critical?”) I described how the L&D is at risk of being marginalised. More and more learning takes place at work through experiences, collaboration and curated knowledge and information. The rapid technological development […]

Learning is critical, but is L&D critical?

In a couple of posts I have described how lack of skills is now the biggest challenge for many leaders. Together with the fact that employee learning preferences has changed in recent years this have created a boom of technological […]

Building a successful learning organization

In my last post, I described WHY it is increasingly important to improve organizational learning. In this article I will explain a little more about HOW it’s done. (Tip! Read my last post “Why we need to upgrade learning now“. […]