Christmas reading tips

I hope you will have a really relaxing Christmas with family and friends. If you have some time to spare, I would like to recommend some books that I have read this year. These are books that provide insights into the changes that are now taking place in the world of work. For me they have brought many insights and I hope they can inspire you for an exciting 2020.

Merry Christmas and happy new Years! /Johan

An Everyone Culture, Robert Kegan

Robert Kegan is a psychologist and professor of adult learning at Harvard. The book describes organizations where everyone, not just “high potentials”, are helped to overcome their internal barriers and develop to their full potential. The Deliberate Development Organization (DDO) is the ultimate learning organization where we not only develop our capabilities but also grow as human beings. Kegan mixes theory with living examples from 3 companies where employees really develop to run their own work and life in harmony with others.

Hit Refresh, Satya Nadella

This is the book about how Satya Nadella turned Microsoft into a company with collaboration, innovation and learning. When Satya took office in 2014, he knew that the company could only be changed if the culture changed fundamentally. For me, the book offers many concrete tips on how a learning organization develops and how to practically work with culture. Satya is also an exciting person. It is inspiring to read his thoughts on a better and more inclusive business and what technology can do for humanity.

Exponential Organizations, Salim Ismail

Today we see start-ups that are changing entire industries in a short period of time. I’m talking about companies like Uber, Airbnb, GitHub and Google. These are organizations that grow and are valued at 10x more than traditional companies. In the book, the founders of “Singularity University” describe what makes these organizations unique, such as employees “on-demand” (Uber, AirBnB) or using algorithms (Google). There are many principles that can be used for larger companies. General Electric, Disney and Cisco are examples of traditional companies being transformed.

Future of Work, Jacob Morgan

Jacob Morgan runs the “Future of Work University” and is a well-known speaker and author on this subject. In the book, Jacob describes how changes in technology, demographics and values place new demands on how we design organizations and work itself. Jacob describes a leadership and an organization that is based on the employee and not the other way around. He describes organizations where the employee designs his own work, has a flexible workplace, collaborates across borders, can become a leader and constantly change and learn.

Author: Johan Skoglöf
Johan är visionär och senior konsult med missionen att hjälpa företag att skapa framtidens lärande organisation. Med över 25 år i branschen och kunder som Ericsson, Volvo, Scania, SEB, Handelsbanken, HM och ICA har Johan en bred erfarenhet i hur lärande organisationer skapas.

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