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e-Workout: Designing digital learning ecosystems

The challenges for those of us who work with learning & development have never been greater. Great need for reskilling, an organization that needs to learn faster and employees who want new ways of learning.

At the same time, opportunities have never been greater. Lots of innovations enable learning that is more integrated into the work, with greater impact and with greater reach.

This e-workout will teach you how to design a learning ecosystem that meets today’s challenges. You will learn how to investigate employees’ learning journeys, make demands on the ecosystem, important questions to consider and how to develop a change map for the ecosystem.

Next time: October 21, 9 a.m. – noon

Why is it important?

For many years, LMS, virtual classrooms and authoring tools have been the technology we have used for learning. However, the last few years have brought about a technological revolution in learning. The market now has a turnover of SEK 2,300 billion annually and there are now hundreds of options to choose from.

Just as technology has changed the way we shop or order travel, it changes the way we learn. I’d say basically. It allows us to learn exactly what we need, when we need it. It helps us turn learning into work. Without technology, we cannot quickly meet the need for reskilling, ***collaboration more learning at work, etc.

It has been so fast that those of us who work with learning have not really caught up. such as exploits many organizations I talk to only a fraction of the ***opportunitiesin their learning platforms.

It has become difficult to navigate the technology and make the right choice. It is not obvious whether we should opt for a large integrated system such as Cornerstone or put together several innovative systems ourselves.

… and how does Microsoft’s learning efforts affect our choices?

This e-workout helps you navigate the technology and sketch out the learning ecosystem that best suits your organization’s needs.

What you’ll learn

The purpose of the e-workout is to help you make the important choices and develop a change map for a digital ecosystem. For 3 hours, you will learn:

  • How to clarify employees’ most important learning journeys by using Design Thinking.
  • What types of needs different kinds of learning platforms are best at meeting. such as LMS for ***mandatorya courses, LXP for continuous further development, DAP to complete tasks.
  • What to consider when designing your learning ecosystem.
  • Important factors for creating a good employee experience.
  • How to set data and integration requirements between systems.
  • Get the change map. How strategy, culture, IT infrastructure and more govern priorities.

The image shows an example of what a change map might look like.

An intense workout

The e-Workout is designed to quickly increase your ***capability and get started with the design of your ecosystem.

  • Preparation   ” You get access to our team of videos and articles about technology for learning. Here you will also have access to checklists and templates to be able to prepare the work with your ecosystem and your change map.
  • Intensive workouts   “For 3 hours, I give you insights and ***Kan vara encourageyou when you try to sketch out your learning ecosystem and your change map.
  • Share knowledge   – During the e-workout, you discuss with others and exchange experiences. Knowledge sharing starts before the preparations and continues after the e-workout.
  • 6-month   asset – You get access to the “team” for 6 months. It gives you access to videos, articles, checklists, and templates.

Who am I?

Johan Skoglöf

My name is Johan Skoglöf and I am responsible for the e-workout. I have worked with learning for more than 25 years. Already in the early 1990s I was involved in developing an LMS and have since continued to explore new technologies for learning. In my role as a consultant, I have been involved in introducing new learning platforms in many organizations such as The New Year. Ericsson, Scania, Handelsbanken, SEB, ICA and Toyota Industries.

Over the past year, I have completed several open and internal training courses exploring the ***opportunitieswith Microsoft Teams for Learning. I have also compiled experiences, best practice and news in my blog. Please read one of my articles on technology for learning after registration below.


This autumn, an opportunity will be held, 21 October 09.00 to 12.00.

The e-Workout costs 3.900 SEK ex. vat and includes 6 months of access to a “team” of videos, articles, checklists and templates. If there are more than two of you leaving the same organization, I offer discounts. Contact me   for information.

You register in the form below.

Do you have a question? Send an email to johan.skoglof@futurelearn.se.

Please read one of my articles on new technologies in learning:

Jag heter Johan Skoglöf. På min blogg analyserar och beskriver jag nyheter och företeelser runt lärande organisationer.


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