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How to increase the capability to learn

Recording from my presentation at the “Ledarskapsdagarna” in Halmstad (online), March 2021

Our capability to constantly learn is crucial to keep up with today’s rapid development and to remain employable. But what does learnability really mean? How does the employee (or yourself) go about this, practically?

In the video I tell you how we can increase our capability to learn from our experiences, from others, from the flow of knowledge in the outside world and from education. I also describe how you who work with learning can contribute to and support employees.

The recording itself is 26 minutes long followed by 3 minutes of questions with the moderator Niklas Källner.

Want to know more about how you can encourage and support employees capability to learn?

On April 28, I’ll will host a 3-hour long e-workout about developing employees learnability.

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