Learning is critical, but is L&D critical?

In a couple of posts I have described how lack of skills is now the biggest challenge for many leaders. Together with the fact that employee learning preferences has changed in recent years this have created a boom of technological […]

Your updated LMS – much more than the course catalogue

How old is your Learning Management System? Older than 5 years? Then it may be time to look for the future. A lot has happened in recent years. Today’s cloud platforms are much easier to use and engaging for the […]

How new learning technology (EdTech) adds value

MOOC, Gamification, Augmented Reality, Predictive Learning etc…. New technologies (EdTech) in learning has boomed in recent years. An increased need to develop new skills combined with rapid technological innovations means that we are facing a dramatic change in the way […]

Building a successful learning organization

In my last post, I described WHY it is increasingly important to improve organizational learning. In this article I will explain a little more about HOW it’s done. (Tip! Read my last post “Why we need to upgrade learning now“. […]

Why we need to upgrade learning now

How much do you as a learning lead invest in development? Getting better? To capture needs and deliver faster, adapt the way of learning to changing needs, ensure better effect of learning activities, do more at a lower cost and […]