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PROGRAM: Design engaging online training in Microsoft Teams

We need to teach new capabilities in an effective and engaging way! With the combination of virtual classrooms and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack, you can now quickly design and transfer even longer classroom-based training and applications online.

In this program you will learn HOW you do this!

Using collaborative platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack, we can move entire applications online by enabling:

  • Teacher-led presentations in the form of web meetings.
  • Discussions and group meetings.
  • Support for application structure with modules and tasks.
  • Tutorials such as video and documents.
  • Interaction in the form of tests and tasks.
  • Discussion in all activities and knowledge sharing.

With Microsoft Teams, participants conduct the program where they work. The program is constantly present and the participant can undertake tutorials and complete tasks when the have gaps in their work.

Objectives of the programme

The goal of the program is that you should be able to conduct training entirely online in platforms such as Slack or Teams. In the program we will use Teams.

You will be working with your own course material which you have designed after the program to be implemented online. Specifically, you will learn to:

  • Design larger applications to be operated online.
  • Facilitate interactive lessons such as web meetings.
  • Record teachers and presentations as video.
  • Create application structure with Microsoft Teams.
  • Create interactions and exercises in microsoft standard applications.
  • Facilitate discussions and implementation of programs in Teams.
  • Evaluate and improve applications in Teams.


The program is carried out over four weeks with 1-3 hours of coursework every week. Every week we publish a new task that needs to be resolved. The tasks correspond to the steps you take to move classroom training online.

The task includes materials for self-study; explanatory videos, articles, checklists and extras. You can perform the task and read the content at any time during the week. Both tasks and material are avalaible so that you can look back at the content later.

Together with the other participants, you discuss issues that arise when you complete the tasks. In this way you encourage each other and receive maximum support in the process of moving the coursework.

Our coach will help you with your specific questions and encourage you to get through the program with thoughtful elements and reminders.

How much time you spend on this is up to you as is how much you engage in the task and discussions. An assessment take about 1-3 hours a week to watch/read material, complete the task, participate in web meeting and discuss at Teams.

Week 1 – Overview and preparation

  • When to use Teams/Slack for training?
  • Design application structure.
  • The workflow, from planning to evaluation.

Week 2 – Conduct web lessons

  • Present more than PowerPoint.
  • Ways to create activity and engagement.
  • To facilitate web lessons.

Week 3 – Develop tutorials

  • Record your instructor with webcam/mobile/PowerPoint.
  • Upload video and other tutorial content in Teams.
  • Create interaction with Microsoft Forms and other standard applications.

Week 4 – Create and follow up the program

  • Create application structure with channels and tabs.
  • Use posts and discussions to create activity.
  • Evaluate activities and progress in the program.


The program is for those who urgently need to move training courses that are currently run in classroom to be implemented online.

Why is the program important?

The reasons to move training online can be several. Some reasons we hear often are:

  • We are no longer able to gather our employees in physical meetings (travel restrictions, lack of time, etc.)
  • We need to build new capabilities faster.
  • We need to be more cost-effective. (The cost of Web learning is about half)
  • We need more interactive training that is better integrated into the work.

Programme Manager

My name is Johan Skoglöf and I am responsible for this program. I have worked with learning for 25 years. In my role as a consultant, I have both created and run my own training online and have encouraged many large organizations to streamline their education, e.g. Ericsson, Scania, Handelsbanken, SEB, Sandvik and H&M.


Contact me for a quote for an internal company program.

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