More and more industries are changing fundamentally. The accelerating technological development means that we employees need to be better at adapting and learning new abilities.

How do we spread that ability in the organization? How do we make the ability to learn something new, a basic ability of all employees?

The program offers you knowledge, tools and examples of activities to greatly increase employees’ ability to learn! For eight weeks, you spend a couple of hours a week with like-minded people and with our coach to gain the tools to develop the culture and the employees’ ability to learn.

After the program, you have a ready-made plan for how you and your colleagues will implement – learnability – in your organization.

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Increase employees’ ability to learn

In a world where development is accelerating, the ability to learn is becoming increasingly important. The life span of knowledge is getting shorter and we can rest less and less on old knowledge and experience. As individuals, lifelong learning becomes a necessity. For companies, the speed of learning from the outside world, development and employees is a necessity and a competitive factor.

The program is for those who want to increase the ability to learn in your organization. The goal is that you acquire knowledge, examples, and activities that you can use to increase the ability to learn in your organization.

During the program, you work with different aspects of learnability and gradually develop a plan for how this is implemented in your organization.

The program gives you the tools to help employees:

  • Create motivation for constant learning.
  • Plan and evaluate their learning.
  • Learn more from their experiences, collaborate with others, worldwide information and education.

You’ll learn how culture can be used to encourage learning and concretely what leaders need to do. Along the way, you develop your own learnabilityso that through your own example you are a beacon that can affect other stakeholders.

The program is conducted online using the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform (which everyone can reach through their browser). Here videos, documents and articles for tutorials are published. Every week you perform tasks in your business using instructions and templates that you receive throgh the program.

Discussion with other participants with similar challenges offers you good examples and additional tools to use. In addition to discussing teams, you participate in a weekly web meeting.

A program where you recieve help in developing the ability to learn from your employees


What you will be able to do

The goal of the program is to enable you to run activities to enhance your employees’ ability to adapt to the accelerating development and learn new abilities. After the program you will:

  • Have developed a plan for implementing learnability in your organization.
  • Be able to drive activities around motivation and Growth Mindset.
  • Help employees design performance-based goals (OKR), create sustainable plans, ask for feedback, and evaluate their learning.
  • Provide employees with methods and tools to learn more from experiences, from others, the outside world and training.
  • Help employees change what they learned into new abilities at work.
  • Help managers develop your employees’ ability to learn.
  • Create inspiration and help pages for learning- “learnability”.


Eight weeks of increased learning

The program lasts for eight weeks. Every week there is a new theme which has self-study, tasks and discussions. You decide how much work you put in. For example, you can use the program as an orientation and preparation for a future venture and save time.

You can also see it as an opportunity to build ability within the learning department and prepare implementation in your business. You’ll spend more time. We recommend 1-3 hours a week.

Week 1 – Introduction and learning culture
We go through the program’s layout and what is part of the concept of learning – “learnability”. We discuss how we work with developing a learning culture and create boundaries for what is included in the programme. Your task is to assess the current learnability in your organization.
Week 2 – Working with Motivation and “Growth Mindset”
How does motivation control our willingness to learn? How can you work with Growth Mindset in your organization? We provide examples of how employees can work with their motivation and growth mindset. You’ll be tasked with planning an activity around Growth Mindset in your organization.
Week 3 – Planning and follow-up
We work with tools to better understand the demands of the outside world and create results-based goals (OKR). How do we encourage managers and employees to create plans for daily learning that last and fit in with a job under time-pressure? We discuss the basics of feedback, how employees and managers interact around tight-knit feedback. Your task is to review and comment on your organization’s development plans templates. How can they encourage constant learning?
Week 4 – Learn more from training
We discuss how employees can better address their skillgaps. How do the employee complement his development through external MOOC ́s and course libraries? You’ll get to try a course library and a tool (LXP) to organize learning. We go through how the employee can set up his personal learning environment. We discuss how managers can help the employee turn new knowledge into abilities. Your task is to set up your own personal learning environment.
Week 5 – Learn more from experiences
We go through how the employee learns more from experience by experimenting, asking for feedback, reflecting and applying in new situations. We discuss the managers responsibility to enable new experiences. How can more feedback can encourage continual improvements. We discuss methods of reflection and documentation of experience gained. You will be tasked with introducing reflection on weekly meetings in your device.
Week 6 – Learn more from others
We discuss how we can learn more from collaboration What does “transparent” work mean? How can we use platforms for collaboration We discuss obstacles and opportunities to achieve more collaboration and sharing of knowledge.
You’ll be tasked with taking stock of the potential within your organization and developing a knowledge sharing guide.
Week 7 – Learn more from the outside world
With the internet and social media, learning the from outside world has become an important source of learning. You’ll learn how to use tools to find and curate the flow of information from the outside world. How can you help employees navigate the information flow? How can you better share important knowledge and experience in your organization?
You will be tasked with suggesting information flow curing tools for your organization.
Week 8 – Training of managers
We discuss the managers role in developing learnability. How can they develop learnability by being a role model, challenging employees, including reflection, talking about misstakes encourage collaboration and learning, etc. We offer examples of activities that managers can include in work, such as reflection meetings. You will be tasked with planning how “learn-ability” becomes part of leadership development.


What you will do in the program

The programme is implemented over 8 weeks and has an equal number of themes.

Every week we publish a new task that needs to be solved. For example, the task can for example be used to create a plan to introduce “learnability” in leadership development. The task includes tutorials in the form of videos, documents and articles, as well as templates and tools to use.

New tools
gain new knowledge, tools and methods for yours and employee learning.

Learn from others
exchange experiences and learn from like-minded people.

New behaviors
get help to increase motivation to learn and and consolidate new habits in everyday life.

The program is implemented in Microsoft Teams where data and materials for tutorials are gradually published. The task includes discussion questions that we discuss in each week’s activity flow.

Together with the team you will find more examples, more tools and support each other in applying new behaviors in everyday life and making real changes happen.

You can perform the task and read the content at any time during the week. Both tasks and material are avalaible so that you can look back at the content later.

We will have a set web meeting every week. At the meeting we clarify this week’s task and material, issues that have arisen, discuss and share experiences. The web meetings will be recorded if you miss one.

How much time you spend on this is up to you as is how much you engage in the task and discussions. An assessment take about 1-3 hours a week to watch/read material, conduct the task, discuss in Teams and attend the web meeting.

The teams-group and the material will remain 6 months if you don’t have time to get involved for a week. After this period we conduct a follow-up meeting where all participants share the experience they have made in the meantime.

From the program you receive:

  • An implementation plan for your organization.
  • Tutorial material (video, PDF, articles).
  • Examples and tips from me and other participants.
  • A plan to implement learnability in your organization


The program is for those who work with Skill and Learning

The program is for those who work with Skill and Learning, e.g. in HR or an educational organization. You have been, or will be responsible, in the future, to develop the ability to learn from your employees.

You have worked with learning yourself and now want to sharpen your learnability further to be a beacon for others, such as the fact that you want to use a guide. management of the company.


Challenges that require increased learnability

The reasons to want to join this program are many, here are some reasons that we have been told:

We have introduced new technologies in learning recently, but notice that employees do not take advantage of opportunities We need to actively work with the learnability of our employees.”

“Our company has major challenges and learning is at the heart of it. As an HR professional, I need to coach leaders I am in contact with.”

“In recent years, developments in HR/education have literally exploded. I feel like I need to find new ways to keep up.”

Why invest in learnability:

  • Focusing on employee learnability is necessary at a time of accelerating change.
  • 90% of the employee’s learning takes place in forms other than education, e.g. through collaboration, through experience or the internet. Investments in encouraging these 90% offer more effect than continuing to put all investments on education.
  • Developing employees’ learnability requires a change in culture and leadership, which takes several years to influence. It’s time to start right now.

Some other wins through the program:

  • You recieve methods, activities, research, and examples that you can use to develop learnability in your organization.
  • You build your own and your team’s (if there are more people in the program) learnability. You create the critical mass needed to influence other stakeholders.
  • You create relationships with like-minded people from other organizations that can encourage you with examples and knowledge.
  • You help make your organization more adaptable and ready for the rapid changes that are n their way.

Programme Manager

My name is Johan Skoglöf and I am responsible for this program. I myself have worked with my learning in a large number of challenging projects for, among others, Ericsson, Scania, Handelsbanken, SEB, Sandvik and H&M.

More recently, I have specialized in issues around learnability and a learning culture. As an expert in the field, it is important for me to constantly learn as effectively as possible.

Planned occasions

This year’s first programme is fully booked and runs from January to March 2020.

The next opportunity starts on the 24th of August and runs until the 27th of October.

The program can also be implemented internally in your organization. Express your interest below. This is not an agreement, however you will receive information when we open the programme booking.

Contact me for a free quote for an internal company program.

Posted by Johan Skoglöf

Johan är visionär och senior konsult med missionen att hjälpa företag att skapa framtidens lärande organisation. Med över 25 år i branschen och kunder som Ericsson, Volvo, Scania, SEB, Handelsbanken, HM och ICA har Johan en bred erfarenhet i hur lärande organisationer skapas.

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