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Lecture/workshop: How to develop a learning organization

Inspire your team with a workshop! Learning is today critical in several ways. The rapid digitalisation of business puts focus on reskilling of large groups of employees. At the same time companies compete on the rate of learning. Those companies […]

How to show the value of formal training

Many learning and development functions struggle with limited resources and influence over the business. At the same time, we are facing massive skill shifts. The World Economic Forum estimates that an average employee needs 101 days of re-skilling over the […]

Christmas reading tips

I hope you have a really relaxing Christmas with family and friends. If you have some time to spare, I would like to recommend some books that I have read this year. These are books that provide insights into the […]

Breakfast seminar – How to create the futures learning organization

Development and continuous learning are becoming more important as technological development becomes more rapid. Developing a learning organisation becomes a competitive factor. Welcome to a breakfast seminar where we discuss how to create the futures learning organization. We will go […]

How to build a strong learning culture

With an accelerating technological development, continuous learning is increasingly important for both employees and organizations. I have previously written about the importance for employees to develo learning skills. To make this happen, we need to build a learning culture. In […]

Are you ready for the skill shift?

We daily read about increasing skills shortages. In the next 5-10 years we will have replaced an additional 50% of today’s job skills. The accelerating technological development is the reason for this shift. This places high demands on our ability […]

6 factors for building a learning organization

Digitalisation requires new skills There is a constant flow of news on the lack of key skills in workplaces. Manpower recently published a report showing that 67% of larger companies have difficulty finding the right expertise. 10 years ago, this […]

How do you encourage your entire organization’s learning

In my last post (“Learning is critical, but is the learning function critical?”) I described how the educational function is at risk of being marginalised. More and more learning takes place at work and through social learning. The rapid development […]

Vi behöver utveckla framtidens lärande nu!

Nytt år! Nya planer! Men… hur stor andel lägger du och din organisation på utveckling? På att bli bättre? På att snabbare fånga behov och leverera, anpassa sättet att lära till förändrade behov, säkerställa bättre effekt av läraktiviteter, göra mer till lägre kostnad och […]

Learning is critical, but is the learning function critical?

In a couple of posts I have described how the lack of skills is the biggest problem for many leaders, that we as employees have changed learning in recent years and that these together have created great innovation and a […]