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How to use Microsoft Teams for learning

Making classroom training accessible online has now become critical. An effective way is to use Microsoft Teams. This makes it possible to do this in a short time creating training that is online, is connected to work and in a […]

Digitize learning part 4 – enables continuous learning at work

As an employee, we will need to increase our learning significantly in the next few years while we have less and less spare time . It is an equation that is difficult to make work and makes the work itself […]

Digitize learning part 3 – address the skillshift

The World Economic Forum expects us to replace 40% of our skills over the next 5 years to remain employable. It has greatly increased the number of people taking courses at MOOCs (online course library). In 2018, there were over […]

Digitize learning for increased competitiveness – Part 2

Investments in EdTech companies have quadrupled over the past four years. 2018 invested organizations 1.5 billion SEK in technology for learning. Digitalization of learning offers great opportunities, but in many organizations has not developed very much. In a series of […]