How do we get all employees to drive their own learning? Today, only a small part (7 according to LinkedIn) spend sufficient time on learning. How do we get organizations to evaluate learning, collaboration, experimentation and reflection?

At this webinaret we discuss how a learning culture is created. I offer examples, research and tools to use. Together we share challenges and successful examples.

Today we talk a lot about learning culture, but what is it really? How do we practically create it?

At the webinar we discuss how a learning culture is developed. We address good examples and activities that can be used:

  • Example – Concrete examples from Ericsson, Microsoft and from you, participants.
  • Research – What behaviors and values are important?
  • From above vs from the bottom – Activities to engage employees and leaders’ role to lead through examples.
  • Change Management – ADKAR and Deloitte’s research on how to create a learning culture.
  • Leadership – The leaders’ role in encouraging a learning culture.
  • Learning ability – How we develop employee learnability
  • The structure – How actual offers in learning and processes within HR meet employees’ willingness to learn and enhance culture.
  • What else? Together we consider what else is important.

The webinar is implemented. If you want, I can conduct the presentation internally within your organization. Please send me an email and I’ll get in touch with you.

Posted by Johan Skoglöf

Johan är visionär och senior konsult med missionen att hjälpa företag att skapa framtidens lärande organisation. Med över 25 år i branschen och kunder som Ericsson, Volvo, Scania, SEB, Handelsbanken, HM och ICA har Johan en bred erfarenhet i hur lärande organisationer skapas.

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