Learnability or learning ability is crucial to keep up with today’s rapid development. According to, among others, World Economic Forum we also need to greatly increase the time we spend on learning in the future. Learnability becomes the key to remaining employable and evolving.

What does learnability really mean? How do you do it, practically? During the webinar I describe in general how you can increase your ability to learn from experiences, from others, from the outside world and from training.

Some questions I address:

  • So you can work with your motivation and attitude to learning.
  • How to plan and follow up your learning.
  • How to max out your learning from your experiences.
  • How to best learn from your colleagues and your network.
  • How to find lots of courses providing for your needs.
  • So you rein in the flow of information and turn to learning.
  • How to use the technology and tools that can encourage your learning.
  • The next step, this is how we help our colleagues to learn more.

Contact johan.skoglof@lerntech.se for a more information.

Posted by Johan Skoglöf

Johan är visionär och senior konsult med missionen att hjälpa företag att skapa framtidens lärande organisation. Med över 25 år i branschen och kunder som Ericsson, Volvo, Scania, SEB, Handelsbanken, HM och ICA har Johan en bred erfarenhet i hur lärande organisationer skapas.

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