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Working with Johan

As a partner in introducing new ways of working with learning, I contribute with my experiences from many other organizations and from the development that exists in today’s learning.

I can give you an objective and critical opinion on what works, what can be improved and how this can be achieved. Think of me as a resource that can help develop a learning organization. How your organisation can develop depends, of course, on your starting point. I usually recommend that you first evaluate your organisation and develop an action plan.

Normally I work with the customer to introduce new ways of working methods or technology in learning. However, it does not have to be a project. You can read the posts on my blog where I share my experiences, or you can participate on any of my webinars. We can have a shorter web meeting where I offer my view in regards to a problem you are experiencing. I can come to you for a workshop or a presentation when you want to spark change in your organization.

Below I list examples of actions where I can encourage you in developing an effective learning organization:

Workshop “learning organization”Over a half- or full day, we go through the important abilities of a learning organization and reflect on how it affects your organization.
Workshop “Learning Maturity Assessment”We use the Bersin Deloitte “Learning Maturity Model” to assess your organization’s maturity as a learning organization.
Action Plan “Learning organization”We develop a plan for how you can develop learning in your organization to meet future challenges.
Feasibility studyWe are mapping the current situation and needs within an area, such as technology support, working methods or organisation.
ProcurementWe identify needs and requirements and conduct procurement of e.g. an LMS or content providers.
Project management/supportProject management or support for projects to introduce new ways of working, systems or develop a skill solution.
Process developmentWe develop efficient processes for e.g. development of learning activities, curing, measurement & evaluation or annual strategic planning.
Organizational developmentWe develop organization and roles that will enable and encourage your future learning in the organization.
Performance consultingWe analyze the root cause of not achieving goals and propose and implement solutions to ensure improved performance.
Skill profilesWe develop skill profiles with a focus on performance and tasks.
ChangeWe drive the change in culture required to create a learning organization.
Mixed learning formsWe encourage the introduction of mixed forms of learning to achieve more effective learning. This may, for example, include the curation of external course libraries, microlearning, webinars, learning at work, social learning.

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